Helpful tips for traveling alone

Traveling alone is trying, exhausting, and tough, but absolutely brilliant. I would definitely recommend to go off and explore a part of the world all alone if you ever have the opportunity. Traveling alone is the most open way to see the world. Serendipity comes into play when you go traveling alone because you are most vulnerable to it. You need to talk to other people, you need attention, rather than closing yourself off. You are more welcoming to strangers instead of wondering why he is talking to gives you the chance to indulge yourself completely.  You can get rest whenever you want and activate yourself again when you’re feeling ambitious. Another perk is that your mistakes are your own, and your achievements all the more exciting. It is your own day to salvage to a learning experience. Traveling alone has its risks too such as loneliness, safety concerns, and the dreaded single supplement. But a little precaution and common sense can save you fortunes and get you through the rough spots easily. We have brought together some tips that must be kept in mind while traveling alone.

1.    Take this opportunity to let the place show you what it’s got when there’s no one to talk to you or make plans for you.

2.    Sometimes you may need to be mentally strong and confident as you can only really rely on yourself.

3.    Don’t be scared because most people, locals, and travelers, are just looking for a friend too.

4.    You need to be open and welcoming to new things, but always stay safe too.

5.    Sometimes you might need to be rude if someone makes you feel uncomfortable. For example, when you cross the street when you backtrack or tell people to go away to avoid walking past someone you didn’t feel safe with.

6.    Your phone is your best friend when you’re traveling alone. Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, Skype, could be your best guide to the outside world.

7.    Book onto a tour if you feel lonely. Instant friends are guaranteed on a tour.

8.    When you’ve gone traveling, get out of your comfort zone for a while. Sometimes you need to take part.

9.    Know your escapes in every situation and always pay attention.

10.     Don’t get too drunk. Ever. Let me tell you that even if you feel like you’re with friends then anything can happen anytime that will make them leave you.

11.     The best way to make friends is to be social.

12.     Always let your homies know where you are. Use a Google location link and share it with your parents and kept them up to date with tour whereabouts.

13.     Be strong and have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You’ll be capable of more than you can even imagine if you just allow yourself.

14.    Learn a few words in the local language of the place where you are. It can go a long way, both for financial and communication, and shows respect for your destination’s culture.

15.  Not every place is good if everyone goes there. So get off the track if you need.

16. The world is not as dreadful and dangerous as the news makes it Horrible things do happen, but if we lived by the statistics then we would never even drive a car in our own country again.

17. Don’t be intimidated if you meet some of the most inspiring people while traveling, because don’t forget you’re probably one of them too.

18. In some countries owning an iPhone is totally unachievable so don’t listen to earphones in the street, or show off your wealth.

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