Great travel destinations

Get off the beaten track and make your holiday plans for some unusual and spectacular holiday destinations.  Get there before the rest of the world catches on!

  1. Haiti- A short distance from the famous beach destination, Miami, Haiti is part of the geological space of the Dominican Republic. Haiti is rebuilding itself after the devastating 2010 earthquake and tourism is one way to help the country. There’s a lot to love here- beautiful cave systems and white beaches, fortresses perched on high hills that  pay tribute to the nation’s past, a glorious tradition of music and song, some wonderful trekking options and magnificent waterfalls.
  2. Georgia- You’ll see this name pop up in more lists than just ours. If there’s one place that puts Eurasia on the tourist map, it surely is the offbeat wonder called the Republic of Georgia. Metropolitan vibes exist cheek to cheek with all castles. The countryside is breath-taking and the food and wine truly sublime. The High Caucasus Mountains, the splendours of Tbilisi and the impeccable hospitality you’ll find here are some of the reasons to go to Georgia.
  3. Bhutan- Nestled deep in the Himalayas is the tiny kingdom of Bhutan. The culture is fascinating and the people are warm and simple. Monasteries are vast and mysterious, including the Tiger’s Nest Monastery that hugs a cliff. The view of the Paro Valley from here is a sight you’re not likely to forget. Climb up the Zuri Dzong Trek and soak in the heavenly sight that greets you from there.
  4. Kagoshima- If you’re looking for ‘friendly volcanoes’, head to this city in Japan. The Sakurajima volcano explodes anywhere between every 4 and 24 hours. Watch the beauty that Nature has in store for you. If you like hot springs, head to the Kirishima-Yaku National Park and its mountains. There’s also a massive waterfall- the 75 meter tall Senriga-taki.
  5. Madagascar- Think of this country and all you see is deep luscious green. Indeed, most of the wildlife and plants and trees here cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. There’s something about nature here that is compelling and requires more than one visit. It’s an important country in its efforts to preserve endangered creatures, including the 110 species of lemurs. This is a country steeped in history. Another reason why you need to go here.
  6. Great Exhibition Bay- This place in New Zealand does not allow vehicular access, making its tourism sensible and limited. Thanks to a low number of visitors, you can enjoy pristine beaches, kayaking and hiking trips. The Parengarenga Harbour is where you can find these great options too. The country has great beauty and a slow drive through it may be just what you need for a truly offbeat holiday.

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