Are you planning to go on a road trip in Europe? Take expert advice for your car’s safety

Nowadays traveling has become much more appealing and accessible with super fast trains, discounted flight tickets and advanced aero technology. But today we are going to put the spotlight on that old-fashioned yet exciting road trips. Auto Village You can explore the world in various ways as so many beautiful sights are free to see.

When it comes to Europe, we simply cannot ignore those picturesque destinations and incredible sights like Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Trollstigen, Norway or, Ring of Kerry, Ireland, or Spoleto to Norcia, Italy and so on. Let’s explore those scenic routes of Europe together. Prepare your car for an exciting road trip. If you are an adventure frisk take expert advice of Kwik Fit as road safety is also a crucial factor before going on any trip. Here I have discussed some car’s safety issues before going on a road trip.

Car’s safety

Tyre treads

Tyre treads are really important. A minimum 1.6mm tread is required. If the tyre tread is low, you can lose the control of the vehicle. Along with that, you may have to face a substantial financial fine. A 20p Tread Test allows you to understand the tread. Also, you can make sure the outer edge of the coin is not seen.

The pressure of the tyre

Air pressure level of the tyre is another crucial factor. Tyre blowouts happen mostly because of the under-inflated tyre. If you are driving at high speed, it can be dangerous. Keep in mind that it can affect braking, fuel consumption as well as handling. Vauxhall Personal Lease In that case, a vehicle handbook can give you the best solution.

Spare tyres

If the tyre tread and the pressure of the tyres are okay, you can be assured that the spare of the tyre is in excellent condition. But you need to check the aging and the cracks. Take a kit of tyre repair with you. Sometimes spare tyres don’t fit some cars. So, you need to be careful about that.

Now you need to concentrate on the 3 B’s. These 3 B’s are Bulbs, Batteries, and Balancing.

3 B’s


If you don’t want to encounter police during your road trip, make sure brake lights, indicators, Reverse lights, and headlights are fully working.


Always keep in mind old batteries can ditch you anytime, especially if you are planning a road trip in cold weather. So, make sure the batteries are fine by taking professional advice. You can enjoy many sights with your buddies only if your car is in excellent condition.


People usually ignore the alignment as well as wheel balancing which is vital for the safety of the passengers. Only a trained technician can identify the problems and solve them quickly.

Apart from that, you need to concentrate on these three things.


Coolant fluid protects your car from overheating. So, it’s necessary if you are planning a long road trip.

Windscreen wipers and Screenwash

If you want good visibility while driving, don’t forget to take sufficient screenwash. Windscreen wipers that function well are a good companion of a long road trip.


This one is known to everyone that regular oil change is essential for car’s engine. So, if you want your car to run smoothly sufficient level of oil is crucial.