Food Tourism for beginners: a new way to travel involving all your senses

Have you ever heard of “Food Tourism”? Do you know what we are talking about? If you think traveling for food means eating while discovering a place, you are on the right way. Probably you are a food traveler even if you don’t know it yet! Let’s go deepen this new way to discover a place involving all the senses!

What is Food Tourism

Food Tourism, or Food Travel, is a new way to discover places and cultures through the local cuisine. Is it something like tasting the best restaurants in the city? Not at all.

Gastronomy Tourism allows you to taste local products and dishes made by the locals because what food travelers look for is a sense of place even if they are far from home.

Traveling for food also means looking for unforgettable experiences. How to do it? We can live memorable moments involving all the 5 senses. So, when you taste a new food what you feel first is its scent. Then you see its colors and its shapes. With the ears you memorize the surrounding sounds and you fix in the memory the moment of the first meeting. Finally, you taste it and then that will become a memorable experience.

But that is not all. Culinary Tourism also refers to those who want to explore gourmet food and beverage and agricultural products. This is a more sophisticated and expensive way to travel for food which suggests something like an élite tourism. This is the reason why, in 2012, the World Food Travel Association introduced the term “Food Tourism” that includes a full range of experiences about traveling for food.

So, now you can be a food traveler also exploring your own city, or the one where you use to live from a long time!

How to understand if you are a Food Traveler or not

Travelling for food is not only a trend but a lifestyle. So, how to understand if you have the food traveler’s real spirit? Let’s answer this few questions!

  • Before leaving you read a lot of food blogs and start following all the well-known local food bloggers on Instagram. They are the tour operator of the future!
  • You create a customized Google Map of the city pointing the most interesting restaurants, bars, markets and other places, also distinguishing each category with different icons.
  • When arriving in a new city you like visiting street markets first of all. Museums can wait.
  • You take part in cooking classes and food tours when you are around and in your city too, because you want to understand how dishes are made listening to the lesson of a professional or a local.
  • When opening a new restaurant in town you are the first one tasting it among your friends.
  • Butterflies, worms, shark, crocodile or whale meat: nothing can appease your desire to discover new things, not even some of the most disgusting foods in the world!
  • When you are back, you write dozens of informational posts on your food blog and you post everything you eat on your social media profiles. Your motto? Sharing food is sharing love!

If your answer to all these questions is “yes”, well, you are a food traveler! Welcome on board and let’s plan your next stop in the world!